Thursday, June 7, 2007


So I'm finally back in Valencia and back to work after weeks of visiting folks and recovering from the year. D-Rock and Chez ( aka Derek and Cole) decided to come up with some character design assignment to keep themselves on their toes, and I've decided to join the club! These are a couple of parrots I've manage to do yesterday. I did one in just straight pencil and the other in illustrator (it's my first attempt using the program so it's kinda crappy). I included the original sketch of the illustrator drawing just so you could see what I was thinking. Any who, I'm still really busy sorting stuff out and adapting to the summer schedule, but I should be posting more often now! My next post will be some "Summer School" make-up work, so to speak...


  1. i'm really liking that top one a lot... really strong pose Hoffa! the illustrator is pretty good for a first crack at the program. nice work

  2. Dude, these parrots are awesome. I feel school'd. Summer school'd perhaps. I like the eye on the painter parrot. I challenge you guys to always indicate a story in your character design either by using a prop or adding another character for contrast. Just because the assignment is parrot, that doesn't mean you can't do a parrot being chased by some crazy vortex monster. Just a thought.