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My former Cal-Arts animation and life drawing teacher, Corny Cole, used to tell that to me in class. He was an amazing teacher, he had so much life, that he constantly challenged you to stay sharp. Almost challenging you to prove your passion for animation at every corner with an attitude saying "Oh yeah! You LOVE animation?! THEN F#CKING PROVE IT!" During my forth year, he would ask me to describe a specific principle of animation, and after I correctly defined it, he would tell me, in a clever challenging tone, "I don't believe you. Prove it. Show it." On the spot, I would animate in front of him something to prove that I correctly knew the principle. I loved every second of it. Corny has recently passed away, but his passion for animation lives on through every student and artist he inspired. Thanks, Corny! You helped me raise my passion for animation higher than I thought was possible. You're an unforgettable character and make sure to tell them on the other side to "DRAW, GOD DAMNIT!"