Tuesday, June 26, 2007


So I kind of confused the meaning of the word "telescopic" this week with "microscopic" and did this drawing.

By the time Mr. John Dusenberry informed me of the definition of "telescopic" I had no time to turn out another drawing because a group of us took part in the L.A. 48 Hour Film Project and made a live action short in less than 48 hours. As soon as I know if I can post the film, I will. Until then I'm going to try and draw a "telescopic placebo" opposed to a "microscopic placebo."

Saturday, June 16, 2007


It appears the technological Gods have not been smiling upon me because not only did my neighbor (who I share internet with) didn't pay the bill for the internet, but the servers at school caught on FIRE! Ya, that's right... there was an electrical fire in the CALARTS library where the servers are held. So not only have I had no why of scanning and uploading new work, but I also had no internet. So in short, expect some new stuff soon as I have a working scanner.

Friday, June 8, 2007


So Ben-JAMIN and I were chilling at the apartment when Mister Austin Madison issued us a character design (aka ChaDes) challenge of elderly mermaids. This is what I managed to do.

Thursday, June 7, 2007


So I'm finally back in Valencia and back to work after weeks of visiting folks and recovering from the year. D-Rock and Chez ( aka Derek and Cole) decided to come up with some character design assignment to keep themselves on their toes, and I've decided to join the club! These are a couple of parrots I've manage to do yesterday. I did one in just straight pencil and the other in illustrator (it's my first attempt using the program so it's kinda crappy). I included the original sketch of the illustrator drawing just so you could see what I was thinking. Any who, I'm still really busy sorting stuff out and adapting to the summer schedule, but I should be posting more often now! My next post will be some "Summer School" make-up work, so to speak...