Friday, December 14, 2012


Things at work have definitely been keeping me busy. I thought I would share some of the things I've been making at work these past couple of months.

These are some of my first endcaps:

These two are sale signs for our Seafood Department with our Fall theme:

A couple jack-o-lanterns from Halloween:

More endcaps from early November:

My signs for "Turkey Tunnel" from Thanksgiving:

All of these were from the Thanksgiving crunch:

Then there was a small break between holidays when these were made:

Recently, Christmas kick into gear. These are some chalks I've done lately:

I'm learning a ton on how to work in this medium. I have to thank my co-workers Teresa and Matt for showing me the ropes, especially during the crazy holiday season. I have to note that Matt helped me with the font and borders on some of these. (Thanks again for the help, Matt!) I'm starting to get comfortable working with the chalk and I'm pretty happy with the recent stuff, especially Santa (a Sean & Matt collab). Looking forward to what the new year brings at work!

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